Health and Safety

The Health, Safety and Wellbeing team, passionately help our people to maintain good physical and mental health for themselves and others inside and outside of the workplace.


The HealthSource Health, Safety and Wellbeing plan is about more than just staying physically safe in the workplace. We adopt a holistic approach to employee wellness that is recognised as a key driver for engagement. Our Strategy focuses on improvements in Governance, Compliance and Engagement. Through a focus on skill-building, knowledge sharing and providing expert guidance, the team is working to embed a self-sustaining culture that is not solely reliant on the skillset of Health & Safety professionals

Our current initiatives include:

  • Implementation of a comprehensive Health and Safety management system.
  • Working toward the Tōtika Health & Safety pre-qualification standard for HealthSource and key contractors.
  • The development of a Workplace Wellbeing Strategy.
  • Providing Mental Health First Aid training to key influencers throughout the business.
  • Managing return to work after injury and the development of a return to work policy.