Our Purpose and Strategic Priorities

Our value to the Northern Region health sector is to deliver the right service with no fuss at the right time.


In May 2019, the company established four strategic priorities that outline how we will continue to transform and grow our organisation to continually contribute to the region’s success. 

These were endorsed by the HealthSource Board and will remain the focus up to the year 2024.

The outcomes of the Government’s Health System Vision of Pae-Ora – Healthy Futures are to see all New Zealanders live well and stay well in a system that is people-powered and provides services closer to home. 


HealthSources impact on the Northern Region is to:

Deliver cost-effective services for the Northern Region DHBs through economies of scale and better value for money through efficient and effective shared services. 


Facilitate the Northern Region’s commercial aggregation of procurement to optimise benefits for the Northern Region across all national procurement agencies but leveraging the combined volumes of the Northern Region DHBs for best quality, service, technology and price in consumables, capital items, and services; ensuring operational efficiencies in the procurement of goods and services.

Release clinical time to care and deliver operational efficiencies through shared service process improvements by leveraging systems and processes to provide efficiencies in the supply chain and managing inventory to provide on-time availability with reduced held stock.