The Recruitment Process


Thinking of starting a career with us?

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We advertise all our roles on this page, so keep an eye out for positions we are recruiting for that you think match your skills and experience.

 Application Process

You have seen a job you’re interested in applying for.

You will be asked to login to our recruitment system. If you’re new to our recruitment system, you can create your user account by signing up.

Once you have created your user account you can fill in your details and attach a CV and other documents to support your application. You will be asked to complete a quick pre-screen questionnaire on the final page to support your application.

Once you have applied for a HealthSource job online, you’ll receive an email acknowledgement of your application. Make a note of the closing date, as this will give you an idea of when you’ll next hear from our recruitment team.

We try our best to screen all of our applicants within a couple of days after the role has closed, but depending on the role, the process may take longer. If you require an update sooner, you can contact


Congratulations, you’ve made the shortlist, so what’s next?

You have been chosen from all of the initial applicants and invited for an interview.

This is a great opportunity for you to discuss your skillset and experience with us and learn more about the job and HealthSource culture.

Our recruitment consultant will call you to arrange the interview and all the necessary details will be emailed to you.


What can I expect?

The interview will take approximately 60 minutes, but depending on the role, the interview may take longer. It will be conducted by an interview panel, the details of the interviewers will be sent to you prior to the interview.

The interview will include questioning around your skills and experience, as well as behavioural and competency based questioning.

Prepare for the interview by having a look at the position description and think about the key competencies required for the role. Have some good examples up your sleeve of how you’ve put your skills into practice in your prior experience.


We think you may be right for the role but before we progress any further, we need to check your references.

You will be required to provide at least two referees for us to contact. We ideally like to speak with people you have reported to in your current and/or prior roles.

This helps us understand your performance in prior roles and assess your suitability for the role you have applied for.

We will let you know when we are about to conduct the reference checks so you can inform your referees in advance.


We’ve identified our preferred candidate.

Congratulations! You are our preferred candidate for the position you have applied for and we would like to offer you the position. We will call you to discuss the offer details.

Once you have verbally accepted the position we will send you your formal employment documents.