Dock relocation at Auckland City Hospital

On 1 November 2021, Inwards Goods at the Auckland City Hospital will be moving from building 21. 

The new location supports Auckland City Hospital as it faces continued growth and increasing demand for its services; and will be closer to the physical hospital. It will also improve the time to deliver products to the hospital.   

What's changing?

Inwards goods are moving from building 21 to building 32. From 30 August 2021, all deliveries must be to the new Inwards Goods location at Dock 1. This is situated at the back of building 32 and accessed via Grafton Road.

Supplier direct deliveries for Starship and Dock 5 for Building 1 (Support Building) and Building 8 (Oncology) will not be affected.  

Below is a map showing the new location.    

Please note: the new Inwards Goods dock is only accessible through Gate 4 entry from Grafton Road.  

 Access from Park Road does not allow access to the new Inwards Goods due to one-way traffic flow.  

 Deliveries to Inwards Goods

  • All delivery vehicles must reverse into available bays.
  • Hazard Indicators must be used when reversing.  
  • All delivery trucks must have a tail lift to offload deliveries onto the dock.
  • There is no fork hoist available at the new Inwards Goods Dock.
  • Delivery vehicles must not block the roadway thoroughfare whilst unloading.
  • Drivers must adhere to the speed limits set on site.

Please note, after Inwards Goods has been relocated, Building 21 will no longer accept deliveries as this area will be re-purposed for Waste Services. New signage is being placed around the hospital site to direct supplier deliveries. 


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