Planning & Intelligence

We support strategic and operational planning, collaborating with our health sector customers. We support all areas of the business with intelligent analytics.


The Business Intelligence & Insights (BI&I) team provides the data and analytics function at HealthSource. BI&I provides data, analysis, reporting, insights, and business subject matter expertise to internal HealthSource customers and other stakeholders within the Northern Region.  

Through the provision of our BI&I services:

  • We create and provide the Information Strategy for HealthSource, which details our future roadmap around BI&I related technology, tools, processes and insights.
  • We coordinate various forums at HealthSource around the governance of data and BI&I information sharing and collaboration with our ‘power users’.
  • We manage the data platform and data visualisation tooling at HealthSource.
  • We provide periodic reporting to numerous customers and stakeholders across the Northern Region, including internal HealthSource teams, the ELT, the wider region, and the MoH.
  • We provide business subject matter expertise and commercial insights that contribute to various key business programmes and initiatives.
  • We provide training and educational services around the tooling that we provide to people to consume data.
  • We provide daily COVID-19 related reporting and analysis (critical item SoH etc) to various customers and stakeholders across the Northern Region.


Project Management Office

The Project Management Office supports successful business change by providing consistent project delivery services and an established Project Framework and Organisational Change methodologies.

The Project Management Office (PMO) centralises and standardises the management of projects throughout HealthSource. Our role is to bring best practices to the delivery of initiatives both within individual business units and across our entire business. We also serve as a key resource for our business partners, suppliers, government agencies, and healthAlliance who must implement changes across the entire Northern Region healthcare sector.​